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Lady Gaga's new video "Bad Romance" has some product placement in it, this time for Nemiroff vodka. I usually don't care about things of this nature, but when Lady Gaga does something it's good to pay attention. In her previous video for LoveGame, people were apparently drinking Campari out of the bottle on the subway while watching Gaga dance. How this impacted sales of Campari I do not know.

In Bad Romance, we get a flash of the bottle in the beginning then a second shot of it being poured into a glass around 2:28. 

(If you can't see the embedded video, click here.)

I did some internet sleuthing to find that this bottle is Nemiroff Lex. The Nemiroff vodka website says, "Nemiroff Lex is the vodka for the Great, the Successful, the Courageous, for those who change this world and hold it on their shoulders."


A hint of the production is in this poorly translated section (with my bold-ings): "The delicate bouquet, emphasized by the linden-tree blossom flavour, inimitable irreproachably mild taste… The alcohol used in its production is aged for up to 6 months. Besides the classical vodka purification technologies, the water-alcohol mixture that is used for production of Nemiroff Lex undergoes additional processing with a specially prepared adsorbent." I'm guessing the "adsorbent" is additional filtering.

Additional information on the branding of Nemiroff from 2003 can be found in this story on brandchannel.com. It's a Ukranian brand that Wikipedia says, "At the end of 2006 Nemiroff became the 'second largest vodka producer in the world' (by sales), trailing only Smirnoff." Guess those sales must be outside the US.

Anyway, that's what I can find for now.

P.S. How many outfit changes are in this Lady Gaga video, like 35?