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The Smuggler's Cove Rumshakers

Smuggler's Cove, the new San Francisco tiki bar in the former Jade bar space, run by "Shoeless" Martin Cate formerly of Forbidden Island, will open December 8th to much fanfare. 


The word on the scene is that the rum selection is going to be ridiculously large. The staff are in training now to make the probably very long menu of undoubtedly complicated and delicious tiki drinks. They've already announced they have a rum, and wine, and a beer made exclusively for the bar. And it keeps getting better- I just got word on the staff.

The Smuggler's Cove rumshakers will be:

  • Christine D'Abrosca-England (ex-Malo, Seven Grand in LA)
  • Matty Eggleston (ex Varnish in LA)
  • Reza Esmaili (Conduit)
  • Melissa Garcia (ex-Trader Vic's)
  • Jacqueline Patterson (Heaven's Dog)
  • Alex Smith (soon-to-be-ex Ramblas & Thirsty Bear) manager
  • Dominic Venegas (83 Proof, John Walker & Sons, Appleton Rum ambassador)

The other folks in the picture are barbacks and a door person. Aloha! See you in December.


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I guess this is exciting? Don't recognize any of the names, especially. So long as the drinks are mixed well, and the customer service is there, that's all that's really important. And as this Martin's crew, I suppose there's no question in either regard! Can it be Dec. 8th now?

Mr Manhattan

@Adam: These are many of the Left Coast's top names. Most exciting of all are the two defectors, err, I mean recent arrivals, from LA. (Sorry, Seattle!)


What are the hours? I am hoping it will be open at 4 p.m. on Fridays.

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