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Yet Still More Pumpkin Cocktail Recipes

The pumpkin cocktail recipes keep coming in. Other pumpkin cocktail recipes can be found here and here.

This one comes from Appleton Rum.

Reserve Pumpkin Egg Nog*

Pumpkin 1 1/2oz Appleton Estate Reserve (infused with cloves, allspice and cinnamon)
1/2oz Navan vanilla liqueur
1oz eggnog
1oz pumpkin purée (from the can)
4 dash fees aromatic bitters
1 Bar spoon maple syrup grade b

Optional: fresh whipped cream top (heavy whipping cream)
Glass: 7oz martini or coop
Garnish: no garnish

Build all ingredients in your shaker; shake and strain into a chilled martini or coop glass; top with fresh whipped cream (optional)

Here's another from Don Julio tequila. Anybody know what the heck "pumpkin juice" is?

Tequila Fumble
By Brian Van Flandern, Tequila Don Julio Global Brand Ambassador

1 1/2 ounces Tequila Don Julio Añejo
1 ounce fresh pumpkin juice
1/2 ounce allspice liqueur
1/2 ounce cane sugar simple syrup*
1/2 ounce sparkling water
Dash of ground nutmeg

1.    Combine Don Julio Añejo, fresh pumpkin juice, allspice liqueur, cane sugar simple syrup and sparkling water in a cocktail shaker with ice.  Cover and shake well.
2.    Strain contents into a highball glass and garnish with ground nutmeg.
Ideal Serving Glass:
Highball glass

1 drink

*Simple Syrup
2 Cups of sugar
1 Cup of water
   1. Bring the water to a boil.
   2. Dissolve the sugar into the boiling water.
   3. Once the sugar is dissolved completely, remove the pan from the heat.
   4. Allow to cool completely before use