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December 2009

Energy Drinks and Alcopops

I enjoyed reading this long article on alcoholic energy drinks, written by Kit Stolz for the Ventura County Reporter. After reading the long report about the sales, marketing, and consumer base of "alcopops" - caffeinated energy drinks- it seems to me that these are more like modern-day wine coolers, in... Read more →

Herbsaint Original Recipe

Herbsaint is an absinthe substitute introduced after Prohibition. It was important in the Sazerac and other cocktails until absinthe was re-legalized in the US in 2007. Sazerac Co. reintroduces the original recipe for HerbsaintBy Todd A. Price December 19, 2009, 3:00PM A new bottle that looks antique will appear on... Read more →

SF New Bar: Delarosa

I recently visited Delarosa, the new restaurant in San Francisco's Marina District by the owners of Beretta and Starbelly. The Beretta connection is crucial, because this new venue seems like an expansion of the other. I'm surprised they didn't call it Beretta North. (Lane Ford at Delarosa. Photo courtesy of... Read more →