Carving Big (and clear) Ice Cubes
The Great Tiki War of San Francisco

Rum Day in the NYT

We've been predicting a comeback of tiki drinks for about three years now, but maybe it will finally happen in 2010. The New York Times has two rum stories today.

The first is a huge and terrific write-up of Martin Cate's Smuggler's Cove that opens next week in San Francisco, and Audrey Saunders' Tar Pit in Los Angeles opening later this month. I did not know that Saunders' spot was going to be rum and tiki themed- this is most excellent news.

The second is a tasting of aged rums with some interesting conclusions.


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Ken Moorhead

On the topic of the return of rum, was speaking with my close friend and manager of a favorite haunt. He told me that the price of rum had been rising recently with no evidence in shortened supply. We enjoyed a drink in celebration of my prediction. Now it's time to see if whiskey heads the direction of tequila in recent years... and perhaps a surge in eccentric gins and the return of brandy!

The bottom line: we seem to be in the throes of the final battles of the vodka years and crappy, over-sugared cocktails. Obviously this is something that's been brewing in the nation's hotspots, but as a native midwesterner - "If it plays in Peoria..."

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