New Booze: Seagram's 7 Dark Honey
Not New Booze: R. Jelinek Fernet

New Booze: Ilegal Mezcal

This is a review of Ilegal Mezcal. The product is 100% agave, made in Oaxaca at Destileria Tlacolula. The drink is more widely distributed in New York but should be coming to California this spring.


They make a joven/blanco, a reposado, and an anejo. They sent me the reposado to taste. The nose on this stuff is all sweet olive-lemon brine with the smoky tire fire back typical to mezcal. It smells of the anticipation of biting into a juicy barbecue coal-smoked olive. In the mouth it's not as sweet or as salty as expected, though it is juicy, with a ton of wood char notes coming though. That char remains and on further sips I experience low char mouthfeel and high sweet notes with little middle ground. 

Overall, I like it and look forward to having it mixed into cocktails. Some of the mixing mezcals are too mild, while the great ones are so good I feel guilty covering them up. I don't know the price point on Ilegal Mezcal, but I hope it's somewhere between the two, as there is a lot of middle ground where this would be a good fit.  I look forward to seeing it more on bar shelves in California.


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Wait until you taste their anejo replete with intriguing fruit and berry notes.

When Chartreuse rep (and soon Illegal rep) Todd Richman was in town, he said that the price point would be a little cheaper that the Del Maguey (I kind of remember the price range being around $50-70 for the 3 spirits).


I think you need to invite me over to taste these items I do not have.. hmmm

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