New Booze: Paul-Marie & Fils Devant La Porte Cognac
New Booze: Agwa De Bolivia Liqueur

New Booze: Love Potion No. 9

I received a sample of Love Potion #9 to try. This is a liqueur (at least I think it's a liqueur; they've filed it in the "distilled spirit specialty" category, which is sort of like "none of the above") with a cane neutral spirit base, artificially flavored and bottled at 30% ABV.


On the nose it's mango, pear, chocolate, cherry, green melon, kiwi, and apple. On the mouth the chocolate pushes forward first, then orange or tangerine zest. It's sweet but not syrupy, and definitely not as thick as typical liqueurs. This isn't a product of the earth or anything, so it's best not to think too hard about it.

Overall, it might mix well with white spirits like rum and vodka, and make an interesting substitute for triple sec.


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blair frodelius


I LOVE this liqueur! Honestly, there is nothing like it on earth. I only hope they can get good distribution. So many layers of flavour....



I am almost certain this is probably Espiritu del Ecuador just re named and bottled. Either way My go to drink is usually whiskey but this is a very tasty treat to sip on the rocks. I love it. I also hope it can get good distribution and availability because I would love to keep on buying this.


where can i buy this liquor? i live in albany, ny! want it for my man for christmas!


I bought a bottle today and I'm looking forward to having some on Christmas. Can't wait.


Chris is correct, Ecuador's national spirit, just renamed by US distributor. Found it years ago in a small store in NJ. Been looking for it ever since

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