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New Booze: Seagram's 7 Dark Honey

I received a bottle of Seagram's 7 Dark Honey for review, so here goes.


The product is described not as a liqueur but as "blended whiskey with real honey and natural flavors." On the nose it's dark honey. On the palate, too, but to me it tastes more like "honey flavor" than honey. The whiskey flavor I find elusive if not absent. I think this is meant to be mixed with Coke.


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The liquor companies make more product than they can sell. In order to sell more product they have been experimenting with different flavors being added to their various spirits in an attempt to capture a wider consumer base. I gather that most people do not take the time to mix a proper cocktail anymore which is why these beverages are meant to be mixed easily with readily available soft drinks and ice. The average person wants something that " taste`s good " while on the way to becoming drunk.

DJ HawaiianShirt

I wrote a more detailed review of this stuff here:


My new favorite...has surpassed everything in my liquor cabinet!


I tried Seagram's 7 Dark Honey on the rocks at a bar and I loved it. I have a sweet tooth and love honey. Well, I can't seem to find it in liquor stores. I tried to find it on the internet and it seems to me that all the Seagram's brands are owned by different companies. Crown Royal seems to be owned by Diageo, Coca Cola makes Seagram's Ginger Ale, Genessee owns Seagram's wine coolers, and Pernod owns Seagram's Gin. Can you tell me who owns Seagram's 7?

Camper English

It's Diageo. (ProTip: If you see Norwalk, CT on the label it's Diageo.)

Yeah the split of the Seagrams company was one of the great shifts in the spirits industry. The rise and fall of the family company is fascinating.


Diageo nick, diageo.

FYI to my celiac friends out there who drink Jack Tenessee HOney and are considering trying this....Don't. I called the company and it has gluten in it :(

Camper English

Interesting. I wonder where the gluten comes in? It's not from distillation. Can it be in honey? (No, according to some things I've read.)

Did they say that it has gluten in it or that they just couldn't call it gluten-free?

They currently won't allow anything distilled from gluten (most all whiskey) to be labelled gluten-free even though there is gluten in it as it cannot cross over from distillation.

Anyway if you have more info to share that would be interesting. This is a big topic of discussion among bartenders now, who are trying to best serve gluten-averse customers.


to the seakers of seagrams 7 dark honey i found it in a liquior store in delaware, near delaware park racetrack & cascino
i enjoyed it on the rocks it was delish and it got colder and sweeter by the sip,just wish i could get it here in PA!!


We live in South Louisiana and we found it at our local Wal-Mart. Good luck!

They change the packaging, but I hoped not the taste; nope, it's awful. Bummed, WAS my favorite drink.

Devon Smith

They had something good and they changed the bottle in Virginia. I feel as if the taste has changed also and I've been an avid Drinker for 10 years. Me and my friends have tried every other kind out there and it is all nasty.

The square bottles were the BOMB!

(This is referring to Seagrams 7 Dark Honey.)

Larry Dunbar

Yea i no what you mean about the segrams dark honey me my brother and the rest of the crew would clean out all the stores around Roanoke VA nown they changed bottle and the taste weve tried all the honey liquors cant get the taste we had wish segrams would go back to the old bottle and the taste

terry ratliff

i feel that segrams should go back to the original formula for their dark honey the new formula taqstes nothing like the original one .i was buying between four and five bottles a week. but now since the change i quit drinking it .and i know several other people that feel the same way.BUT if you would go back to the old bottle and the old taste then i will start vbuying it again

Zen Isbell

Where can I purchase a bottle of the original Seagram's 7 dark honey whiskey. It comes in the square bottle. They have a new version of this liquor and it is in a round bottle. In mine and my friends' minds the new version is just NOT the same at all. It doesn't taste as good and tastes harsh, not smooth like the original. We really think they tried to fix something that wasn't broke basically. Needless to say, we can no longer find the original version in our local stores. I'm am willing to buy this online but I don't want my product to arrive and it ends up being a bottle of the new recipe because it would be very disappointing. I hope Seagram's takes the new crap off the shelves and restockes the original stuff. In the mean time can anyone hook me and my friends up with the good stuff!?! LOL. Thank you!

Camper English

Bummer! I'm sorry I don't have any insider info on the new product or where it's sold. What liquor nerd friends and I often do when a product changes is to drive out to the suburban neighborhoods and look though the liquor stores there - you can often find some really cool stuff. Good luck!

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