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Not New Booze: R. Jelinek Fernet

Fernet-Branca is not the only fernet in the world. I hadn't tried any others but recently I received a bottle of R. Jelinek Fernet. The bottle says, "Product of the Czech Republic. This digestive beverage was created during the period of the Hapsburg dynasty in the latter part of the 19th century in the region of central Europe near the famous health spa town of Luhacovice, Czech Republic."


The nose of it is clove-prune-mint (not in a bad way). In the mouth, the clove part dominates, with mint and raisin in the background. It's got a bitter finish but not a minty one. Meh.


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Mr Manhattan

What's with all the orangey photos, Camper?

Camper English

A lack of understanding of white balance!

Mr Manhattan


Got Photoshop?



Also see:

horrible stuff.


I have bottle of Fernet Stock Citrus (Slovenia). Not bad, I think. But it is close to amaro then Fernet-Branca.

And I have some bottle of the plum czech eau-de-vie (or brandy?) by R. Jelinek (slivovice). Very specific stuff...


Where did you find Fernet Stock Citrus. Haven't found it in the US in yrs and it's fabulous for summer.

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