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Chartreuse Goes Through The Roof

First, they came for our bitters. Then they outlawed our egg whites and our infusions. What more could go wrong for bartenders this year?

I'll tell you what: Chartreuse now costs $11 more per bottle. 


The wonderfully complex liqueur made by monks has been a favorite of bartenders who mix it into cocktails like the Chartreuse Swizzle and Laphroaig Project  at work and consume chilled shots of the stuff when not on the clock. Now those fancy cocktails are going to cost a little bit more.

I spoke with Antoinnette Cattani of Cattani Imports, the Chartreuse broker for the California market. She said that the unannounced increase is national and will affect prices both at retail outlets and in bars. The VEP (high-end versions) are also increasing. The VEP Green will now cost $119 and the VEP Yellow $118, says Cattani. 

But here's the good news: It doesn't look like all retailers have figured this out. While Beverages & More is now selling the Green Chartreuse for $62.99, a Google Shopping search revealed several online retailers still offering 750ml bottles of it for $40-$45.

So if your bottles are running a little low or you just want to stock up, it might be time to do some online shopping. 

*Breaking News Feb 23 1:51PM - It appears prices are being readjusted again. Still an increase, but perhaps a few dollars less than it was. I have also learned that because of retail mark-ups, the cost increase on retail bottles is likely to be even higher than it is to bars. Either way if you can still get it for cheap it's best to do it now.

*Update Feb 23 3:44PM - I've learned that the price increase has been reduced from the approximately $11 increase per bottle on Green Chartreuse to about $7 as of today. Retail increases will likely be a little more. Look for the sky-high prices to drop a bit soon.