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Obligatory St. Patrick's Day Round-Up


This St. Patrick's day, instead of [overused green beer reference], try something different! Avoid the crowds of [condemnation of college student behavior] and instead enjoy [statement of superiority even though you're participating in the same Hallmark Holiday of drinking]! Here are places to enjoy [stereotypical Irish drink] but served in new ways!

Guinness float at St. Francis Fountain. It's a vanilla ice cream float with Guinness instead of root beer. 

The Black Friar's Pint at The Fifth Floor Restaurant. This crazy cocktail developed by Jacques Bezuidenhout contains Guinness spiced with cardamom, Plymouth gin, Lustau East India Sherry, bitters, and egg white. 

Guinness Gingerbread ice cream at Humphry Slocombe. The flavors rotate at this progressive ice cream shop, but they tend to have a lot of beer flavors. Forecast for something Irish-flavored this week: Excellent. 


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Here's a tasty one Camper. I have not tried it with Guiness but a pint of Rogue chocolate stout with a few dashes of Angostura. Takes some of the sweetness out and adds some nice compelixty to it. Cheers!


not alcoholic but goes well with: irish soda bread from drewes brothers. yum!

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