An Icy Weekend in Monterey
Coffee liqueurs make a splash in cocktails

Another Ice Banner Attempt

You may think all I do is futz around with ice all day, and you'd be mostly correct (for proof, see the index of all of the ice experiments on Alcademics here). I attempted to make another site banner today using a clear piece of ice stamped with ALCADEMICS, but I think I like the orange peel one (too big as it is) better.

Click it to see it bigger if you're interested.

Ice banner


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Bravo! I like 'em both. Truly a magnificent obsession.

Doug Ford

I like this one a lot, it has a more finished look. But subtle. Too subtle---it's your banner, after all. This might work with different lighting, though, to get the edges to sparkle, and "Alcademics" to light up!

Ben Shipley

Hey Camper.

Looking forward to you sharing your clear ice techniques. I'd suggest waiting till dusk/dark and shooting the ice with a single light source, try backlighting first. That should make your brand pop a bit more.

Camper English

Thanks Ben- I need all the help with photography I can get!

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