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Painkiller NYC: A Quick Sneak Peak

Hello from New York!

Last night I went to the friends and family preview for Painkiller, the New York bar from some of the people behind Dutch Kills. It turns out that they have a lot of friends and a very big family, because the place was packed! I didn't even make it to the back of the room.

They're going for an urban tiki thing, with graffiti art, brick  walls, and bamboo accents.


 They have skull shot glasses that are pretty awesome. (Aisha Sharpe gives her kiss of approval.)

 And a few kinds of tiki mugs (and the mug of Gina Chersevani of Washington, DC) but I've read they have some custom designed scorpion bowls on the way.

  I didn't get a look at the menu, but I did have the Painkiller, which was delicious. 


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Francine Cohen

Must have been there later than you because I did make it to the back of the room. Can report there are very comfortable booths back there. And, two bathrooms. The ladies' has tropically inspired wallpaper, can't report on the decor in the men's. :)


more tiki more fun! next time I'm in NYC I'll be there for sure!

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