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The Olive Centipede: The Frightening New Release in the Torture Garnish Genre

(this post is a joke about this movie)

The Olive Centipede was created by Dr. Heiner, a disturbed German bartender formerly famous for his flair garnishing techniques. The evil Dr. Heiner decided to create a garnish centipede, made from sewing three olives together along the olives' digestive tracts, pit-to-pimento.


Unfortunately for the olives, the surgery was a success. A hideous, hideous success.


The poor olives tried to escape Dr. Heiner's laboratory/ultra-lounge.


But were unsuccessful.


And now Dr. Heiner wants to create an even more hideous centipede garnish made from twelve olives.


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DJ HawaiianShirt

Unfortunately, I get the reference of this post.

Rik W. McCluer IV

Lol....I love this website.

A Moss

So do I, though I havnt actually seen the movie

Tony Harion

You gotta be kidding! Did you really think of this?


i just watched this movie the other night. it was radddd

Camper English

spelling of "tracts" corrected, thanks to Slog reader.

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