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The Perudriver: A Cocktail with Pisco, Orange Juice, and Orange Liqueur

Perudriver cocktail pisco orange juice and orange liqueur


I was trying to create a cocktail for my seminar at Tales of the Cocktail using an orange liqueur, a sponsor of my session. After attempts at an Orange Negroni and Orange Absinthe Frappe that both failed, I came up with this way-too-simple and drinkable-as-heck cocktail, perfect for summer days and morning cocktailing. I really don't like the screwdriver as a cocktail, but I *love* this. 

The Perudriver
by Camper English

3.5 ounces fresh orange juice
1 ounce pisco
1/2 ounce orange liqueur (cognac-based)

Add all ingredients to an ice-filled glass and stir. 

Perudriver cocktail pisco orange juice and orange liqueur


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...closely related to the "sidecars" I've been drinking lately; much better with pisco than with french brandy.

Jake B

Hmmm... would you humor me and try it out with a dash or two of angostura bitters and a half ounce of egg white. I think both would be great additions! sure wish I was going to tales (sigh).......

Camper English

Jake- I'm sure that will be great- like an Orange Julius.

Or as I'd call it, an Orange Perulius...


Another proof that pisco is an extraordinarily versatile liquor. All formulas I have prepared with it work great, as long as you make pisco the predominant flavor. It's the purest spirit of Bacchus :-) All alcohol comes from pure grape juice. Nothing is added.
Where can I one get the orange liquor? BevMo?

Camper English

Guillermo any brandy-based orange liqueur will work and should be available at any liquor store: Grand Marnier, Gran Gala, Royal Combier, etc.

DJ HawaiianShirt

You're not the first I've heard sing the praises of pisco + orange. I'll have to try this.

Walter Moore

I love that name Orange Perulius. Wasn't he a bartender/philosopher? Encanto will be out this week FYI!!!!!

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