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Bar Agricole Cocktail List Revealed

The SF Chronicle's Jon Bonne gets the scoop on Bar Agricole's forthcoming cocktail list. 

The story has lots of information about the bar/restaurant (one we've been awaiting for about 2 years). The bar is set to open August 15 or 16. So go read it

For those of you not lucky enough to have sampled Thad Vogler's cocktails at Slanted Door, Beretta, and other venues, here's the gist: Simple, local, organic, seasonal, custom-made ingredients; small twists on vintage cocktails; consistency and elegance. 

While the older style of California cocktails was sometimes called the "salad in the glass" style- tons of fresh herb and citrus ingredients muddled together- this menu is more of the refined simplicity Vogler has been seeking all along. For this project, many of the ingredients (even distilled ones) were produced locally just for the bar. 

I cannot freaking wait! 

Whiskey Cocktail with dry vermouth and grenadine, absinthe, orange bitters
Traditional Sour of Blanche d’Armagnac, lemon, egg white
Brandy Cocktail with curaçao, Italian vermouth, absinthe and bitters
Daiquiri of white rum, lime, grapefruit, maraska, aromatic bitters
Jersey Sour: California brandy, lemon, apple, maple, aromatic bitters
Tequila Daisy with lemon, vermouth blanc, apricot preserve, chartreuse bitters
Petit Zinc: farmhouse vodka, orange juice, red vermouth, farmhouse curaçao
Whiskey Sour: lime, port, and orange bitters
Presidente: California agricole, farmhouse curaçao, grenadine, orange bitters
White Rum Swizzle with 2 vermouths, lemon, farmhouse curaçao, raspberry
Ti Punch made with hibiscus bitters
Gin Cocktail with riesling and stonefruit bitters
Star Daisy: Calvados, gin, grenadine and lemon
Capitan Cocktail: Blanche d’Armagnac, aromatic bitters and chinato
Dry Pisco Punch with pineapple gum and hibiscus bitters


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Hmmmm, another reason/justification to make a trip out to the Bay Area . . .

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