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Bar Eras in San Francisco and Beyond

I have a great-looking four-page story in the August Eat + Drink issue of 7x7 Magazine. 

The story splits up old bars and new bars inspired by old bars into five types/eras: Barbary Coast, Speakeasy,  Martini Bar, Tiki Bar, and Fern Bar. In each category I list some identifying factors and a few era-appropriate drinks. 

 There are also tons of great pictures by photographer Erin Kunkel, including these yanked from the 7x7 website. 

Read the story online here or pick up the magazine on the newsstand for even more pictures than on the website. 

Barbary coast bars in san francisco
Fern bars in san franicsco history
   Tiki bars in san francisco history


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Barina Craft

Nice article. Good source for home bar ideas as well. Wonder if our bars would qualify for the Barbary Coast era?


Aw man! I'm just to the left at the bar at the Cove! The lamp over Marco's head blocks me!

Camper English

What you don't know is that you're in one of the other shots they used in the print version of the magazine- I thought it was you! Pick it up.


The link in the article to the Tonga room is broken but I found it by digging thru the Fairmont site. We must go soon!!

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