A Few Tales of the Cocktail Pics
Cocktail Menu for Zero Zero

Every Drink I Had at Tales of the Cocktail

I just returned from New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail, a cocktail convention attended by many of the world's top bartenders, drink writers, PR representatives, and superenthusiasts. I think this was my favorite year of the convention to date. 

I tweeted every cocktail I had over the week. Let's see how messy that looks added up!

Tuesday July 20, starting at 5PM

  • Vieux Carre and an 
  • Abita beer @ Monteleone Bar
  • Another Abita beer at Carousel Bar at Monteleone
  • makers mark on the rocks out of a plastic cup at acme oyster house
  • Sazerac at Carousel Bar
  • Vieux Carre at Carousel Bar
  • Vieux Carre
  • Giant Bud Light with some awful Pizza somewhere on Bourbon Street.

Wednesday July 21

  • Coffee with Kahlua to start the day!
  • Gold kiwifruit St Germain Splash
  • kiwifruit cucumber reviver
  • not sure what it's called but kiwi yummers
  • Shot of rum before my seminar begins
  • Three drinks at my seminar- rear admirals grog
  • perudriver
  • margarita
  • Firefly bourbon in hotel room
  • another sweet tea bourbon
  • a shot of dubonnet cocktail out of a flask
  • 3 glasses of Veuve Cliquot at dinner at Arnauds
  • Shot of bourbon 
  • bourbon cocktail
  • miller lite
  • orgeat drink
  • 2 shots of Stock Fernet
  • Ocho tequila
  • Miller lite
  • stock fernet

Thursday, July 22

  • Cat Daddy Moonshine coffee drink at breakfast
  • Drinks of Asia seminar cocktail: unkown cocktail with some herb that tastes like fuzzy lemon dandelion leaves
  • cognac old fashioned
  • Self Publishing seminar- an amaretto and gin cocktail
  • Ron Abuelo juicy drink at Carousel Bar
  • nutmeg drink at Consulting seminar 
  • firefly bourbon
  • Diageo Happy Hour drinks:
  1. Joaquin riff on seelbach cocktail
  2. Wayne Curtis drink with Oronoco rum and fernet
  3. Singapore sling punch
  4. Aviation from Simon Difford
  5. Daiquiri from bill Norris
  6. rosy sinclair by Jason Bram
  7. Valentinos Denise by Jim rondall
  8. Bryan Dayton serves a Mary Pickford
  9. Phillip Duff makes a Clubland
  10. Tequila negroni from Ricky gomez
  11. Brian miller makes drink with tanqueray dolin chartreuse cocchi
  12. Misty Kalkoffen drink 
  13. John Lermayer drink
  14. Lynette Manero makes a drink
  15. Tommy klus Serves a Mexican firing squad
  16. Pisco drink from Aisha Sharpe
  17. Ed Hamilton actually makes a cocktail!! With Zacapa
  18. Jim meehan with a Cuervo drink
  19. Spicy drink from Wondrich
  20. Sean Muldoon serves a trader Vic drink
  21. Andrew Friedman serving a sagatiba drink
  22. Cable Car from Tony Abou Ganim
  23. Chad and Christie drink
  24. Francesco Lafranconi drink
  25. Josh Durr drink
  • Cure bar daiquiri
  • Another daiquiri at Cure
  • Dubonnet cocktail In hotel room

Friday, July 23

  • a sip of Ron Abuelo rum at breakfast
  • 2 Disarono cocktails at my Social Media seminar
  • A Glenfiddich drink from Jon Santer
  • Bourbon carbonated grapes that taste like a Mint Julep at the Bax vs. Clift seminar
  • Sazerac with absinthe fog
  • Molecular michelada
  • apple sous vide infused calvados. 
  • Dehydrated fruit cereal with champagne
  • Old fashioned with orange peel smoke served in a jar
  • Quick bourbon in the room before a meeting
  • 2 Abita Amber and a veggie mufalatta at Cage Maspero
  • Pimms Cup at Napoleon House
  • Abita Amber at Napoleon House
  • glass of bourbon
  • Hilo Hai cocktail with Teader Tiki Syrups!
  • Stella Artois.
  • nip of Ron Abuelo

Saturday, July 24

  • a spicy Hendricks cocktail 
  • Mount Gay Rum punch.
  • Wet Grave cocktail in Darcy Oneils fascinating Soda seminar- bourbon, acid phosphate, bitters, vermouth, claret syrup
  • Soda seminar drink with Root beer, gentian, bourbon, acid phosphate
  • 10cane rum drink in the Subconscious Drinks seminar
  • a sip of Geranium Gin
  • Brandy Milk Punch in the Caousel Bar
  • 2 rum drinks in hotel room followed 
  • 2 martinis at Tales of the Cocktail awards
  • Glenlivet Nadurra 16 
  • Another gin martini at Tales awards 
  • Many swigs of Jameson 18
  • a beer with my slice of awful but sobering pizza on bourbon street

Sunday, July 25th

  • A morning Akvinta vodka cocktail.
  • Stella Artois at breakast
  • A Dalmore cocktail at the Keeping Ahead in an Online World seminar
  • second Dalmore cocktail
  • A final vieux carre at carousel bar.
  • One last beer at the airport 

Apparently I had 35 drinks on Thursday. That would be terrifying but do keep in mind that for the vast majority of these drinks I had only a sip out of a glass that only held an ounce or so at maximum. 

Still, my liver will be getting a much-earned rest for a while now that I'm home. 


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"a beer with my slice of awful but sobering pizza on bourbon street"

We have a good picture of you drinking this that I'll post on Facebook in the next few days!

Camper English

I now live in fear of seeing this photograph.

Rudy Navarro

...hey Camper...sorry I missed this event but I'm sure Maria drank enough for the both of us...heard it was a blast!


Every Tales has to include one round of bad pizza and bad beer on Bourbon St.


Thanks for the drink recap Camper ... now I'm even more pissed I couldn't make the event. Sounds like it was a blast.

Better start my event planning for next year!


HI Camper, where is Ron Abuelo from? I was interested when you twittered it last week. It was great meeting you at Tales of the Cocktail. I hope we meet again one day.

Rob "RumScout" Burr

Giselle, here's a Rum Examiner post on Ron Abuelo Gran Reserva from Panama. Enjoy!



omg i am realizing i missed out on a whole lot of drinks at Diageo Cocktail Hour. did all this consumption of alcohol result in a hangover the morning of?

Camper English

Amazingly I didn't have a single hangover at Tales. I'm not saying I wasn't slow in the mornings, but never feeling too bad. One great thing about Tales is that there is always lots of water around!


I see there was not a grand amount of PISCO at the event ? hmmmm... we will have to fix that..


You make me really glad I didn't try somethimg like this.



What? No recipes to go with this godawful list? You gettin' lazy or sumthin'? Just be glad you were not on a remote island with some knuckleheads, rhum agricole, and coconuts. Miss ya!


How on earth you managed to keep track on all drinks we drink at Tales??? that in itself is worthy a prize!

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