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Molecular Garnish Fail

For some reason I thought it would be fun and interesting to make dehydrated olives. 

Dehydrated olives1small

It turns out that not only are they ugly, they also taste disgusting, like a savory salt lick. 

And they don't get any prettier when you put them in a drink.

Dehydrated olives in glass small
I also dehydrated some maraschino cherries and they came out sort of okay. 

They taste like candy, basically, and are very sticky.

Dehydrated cherries web
So now I just have to figure out what to do with them. Ideas? 


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Dr. Bamboo


(Because they look like zombies. Or something)


Put them on the bottom of the legs of your chairs so they don't scratch up your floors...

George Sinclair

Try macerating them in alcohol. Olive bitters perhaps.

Camper English

I think they would turn more into "salts" than "bitters." Ick.


Speaking of cherries and bitters...

I did up a tincture of mahlab (sour cherry pits) and it is *excellent.* It's like a "true cherry" flavor without the artificial feel of maraschinos. It also has some great aromatics and subtle notes. I've tried it in a few different things and liked it, but no recipes yet that I'm calling finished.

Camper English

Nice- I have had smoked coffee/cherry bitters in a few drinks thanks to Todd Smith at Dalva. So good.


such a promising venture, but I agree, a very unfortunate result!

Bbq Dude

Given how nasty maraschino cherries are, I have a hard time imagining how dehydrating them could improve them... Dehydrated olives sounds fascinating, though you're right. The pictures make them look alarming. What about grinding them in a spice grinder and rimming a martini glass with the powder for a gin martini?

Camper English

Hmm that's a very interesting idea. I'm no fan of dirty martinis, but that could be a nice trick for people who are. Thanks for the idea!

drink maestro

The cherries could find a home in some fruitcake motif cocktail, perhaps?


Ken - just stumbled onto this post also looking up stuff about cherry bitters using mahlab. I'm curious - was the mahlab in powder form or the actual pits? Thanks!

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