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The Double Rainbow Cocktail

I decided to create a drink to honor the best video of the weekend, "Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow 1-8-10". (Scroll down to see it if you haven't already.)

It's guaranteed to make you say, "DOUBLE COMPLETE RAINBOW! What does this MEAN?"

Double Rainbow Cocktail by Alcademics3s


The Double Rainbow
by Camper English

 1 ounce vodka
1 ounce St. Germain elderflower liqueur
4 or so ounces of soda water
4 dashes of grapefruit bitters (Fee Brothers brand)
lemon peel for garnish
rainbow ice cubes

Make rainbow ice by adding food coloring to an ice cube tray, filling with water and freezing. (For more fun with ice, see the index of all of the ice experiments on Alcademics here.)

Cut lemon peel into stars. Add all ingredients to a glass filled with ice in rainbow order (two cubes per color, making it a double complete rainbow). Garnish with lemon stars.  

Double rainbow by alcademics top views
This cocktail I actually created for a wedding several months back, but thought it would be appropriate here. (It's not so original that I would be surprised if many other people have created this same drink. I just poured it on rainbow ice.)

Note: If you enjoyed this video-inspired cocktail, perhaps you'd also enjoy the Honey Badger Shot.

The video that inspired the drink is after the jump.  Double rainbow all the way!


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Mr Manhattan

(head explodes and is eaten by bear)


haha i don't know if yosemite on 1/8 would look like that


That's a great looking cocktail! We're really enjoying anything with St. Germain's these days, so I'll bet this one will be a winner, too!

Doo Magoo

Tip Top Patio/backyard cocktail. Makes me want to play hookie.

Robert Simonson

Very attractive.


Rainbow Brite would be all over this. As would I.

meaghan (chic cookies)

Fantastic!! I posted a link on Edible Crafts, too. (ediblecrafts.craftgossip.com)


This drink is AMAZING!!! How do you make lemon stars? Are they just the lemon peel? Thanks!!

Camper English

Laurie- I use aspic cutters- you can fund them at Williams- Sonoma


Am I correct that the ice cube colors are red, yellow, green, blue and clear? And the lovely orange just comes from the red and yellow mixing?


WTF? Am I the only one who has noticed it's just one - count 'em - one fucking rainbow? False advertising.


beautiful - off to freeze my ice

gaz regan

Great concept, Camper. I'm pinching a link for next Monday's Bartender Bulletin.

Camper English

Yes the orange is the mingling of red and yellow at the bottom of the glass.

Camper English

There are two of each ice cube- Double Rainbow all the way across the glass!

Gin & Bear It

Great idea! Not enough colored or flavored ice cubes in cocktails.


But what does it mean?????? *sobbing*


I did some ice tests but the coloring splits when the water is freezing. I'll try to add more colorant.

Jelly Shot Test Kitchen

It's so simple that it's just perfect and all that much more amazing!

Mummy Dearest

Your drink recipe has gone viral, too! Found it linked to another blog, and wanted to know who had this wonderful idea! BEst video of 2010!

Thanks for being so creative. xx


When I made this all the colours bled and it turned to a dark mess-what am I doing wrong?

Camper English

Eventually they will all bleed together, but hopefully not too soon. Try using a smaller amount of the food coloring in the ice cubes so there won't be so much of the dye on the outside of the cubes when you put them in a drink. Chill all of your cocktail ingredients as well as your glassware so that they don't start melting the cubes right away - that should help a bit as well. Good luck!


Thanks for the tips-I'll try again!


"4 dashes" Sorry, but I don't understand what this ammounts to. I get that it's a pretty small ammount but I don't know what to compare it to. I'm not english (I'm French), so I don't get the expression.

Camper English

The bitters bottle has a cap that only allows a dash to come out at a time. Each dash is probably the equivalent of three drops.


I am making these for New Years and blogging and linking back here. Thank you for sharing!

Camper English

Nice! If you make the rainbow ice, remember to cool your liquid ingredients first so they don't melt the cubes too fast and blur all the colors together.

Mattias Carlström

Hello, I was wondering if you can switch the grapefruit bitters from fee brothers with something else? Because they don't sell them here in Sweden, and ordering will unfortunatly take too long.

Camper English

If you don't have any bitters at all, you can cut down the St. Germain to .5 ounces and add a grapefruit peel.

However, you might also consider making your own grapefruit bitters at home. Here's a simple recipe (substitute vodka for bourbon): http://www.slashfood.com/2010/01/13/grapefruit-bitters-lenell-it-all/


Wow - this is one that definitely a looker! Amazing looking cocktail. Thanks for sharing the ingredients and instructions!

Cindy B

WOWZIE! The person taping this "double rainbow" had to have had a couple "Double Rainbow" SHOTS while filming this! Woo Hoo...he was definitely having a good day, but the headache the next day had to be a doozie!


It sounds to me that a spirit took him over to make him cry like that.


How can I subscribe to ur bulliten?
[email protected]

P Jordan

Camper, I don't get how to make the cubes. How much food colouring do you put in each ice cube segment? Do you then mix it evenly with the water or just leave it sitting there? Thanks

Camper English

Experimenting is part of the fun - give it a try and see what works best...

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