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Tiki Drinks in Fine Cooking Magazine

Oh hey, my latest story for Fine Cooking magazine is online already. 

Tiki Time

Showstopping tiki drinks are back on the menu, and they’re causing quite a stir. Here’s how to create these tasty cocktails at home—don’t forget the swizzle sticks and umbrellas.

by Camper English

Sipping from opposite sides of a cocktail served in a hollowed-out pineapple, a young couple poses for a photo by a waterfall. This isn’t a scene from a Hawaiian vacation in the 1960s, but one I observed earlier this year at Smuggler’s Cove, a buzzing new San Francisco bar. This establishment, and the many others just like it springing up across the country, is a tiki lounge, serving classic Polynesian-themed cocktails. These once-out-of-favor joints and their kitschy cocktails, like the mai tai, zombie, and planter’s punch, are making quite a comeback.

So what makes a cocktail a tiki cocktail? These drinks have several common characteristics.... 

Read the rest of my feature on the return of tiki

Liftoff  Chi chi pache  Barbaryswizzle 

Not only does it contain thrilling information on tiki, it has recipes from three people you may have heard of:


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Great article! I hope it teaches some of those savages about the beauty of Tiki cocktails :D


mmm tiki (good) drinks :D


Interesting info on the art of tiki drinks. Here's a video I found for a pretty good-looking rum:

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