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Blue Bottles Abound

This past April at the WSWA convention in Las Vegas, I noticed a naming trend of putting the word "blue" in beverage titles.

This has been an ongoing naming convention. One brand owner told me this was due in part to Johnny Walker Blue. 

Blue head tequila

Tequila brands in particular love to use the word "blue" or "azul," but this is also due to the blue Weber agave from which tequila is made. A quick web search reveals the following blue tequila brands:

  • Ria Azul
  • Clase Azul
  • Azul
  • Oro Azul
  • Penca Azul
  • Camp Azul
  • Tarantuza Azul
  • Siembra Azul
  • Sol Azul
  • Nobleza Azul
  • Zircon Azul
  • Tenampa Azul
  • Azcona Azul

and probably many others.

At the WSWA convention, which I wrote about here and here, there were a lot more products with blue names:

  • Blue Magic
  • Blue Coast Chardonnay
  • Dragon Bleu Vodka
  • Blue Liqueur
  • Blue Head Tequila

I guess everybody is feeling blue.



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Christine Farren

And Blue Coat Gin--though the reference is more historical, or place-based, with that one.

Jacob Briars

Don't forget the Corpse Reviver Number Blue!

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