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Ice Meets Chainsaw

Ice nerds got a real treat this Tuesday, for Andrew Bohrer from Seattle was guest bartending in San Francisco along with Amanda Womack from Cask. 

He brought chainsaw Thursday to the city in order to chop up giant blocks of clear ice from an industrial ice maker into big cubes that could be further cut into ice balls. 

Keep scrolling for videos of hand ice carving... or click here for an index of all of the ice experiments on Alcademics.

Andrew erik cutting giant ice block

First they cut slices off the big blocks, then cut those into long rectangles. Then they cut those into cubes. 

Erik measuring ice block
Carlos yturria chainsaw1s

Click below for the videos. 

Note: there is some NSFW language in the videos along with chainsaw noise.

First they started with the giant block and shaved off slices. 

Then they cut those slices into rectangles

Then they cut those rectangles into cubes.

Then Andrew Bohrer demonstrated cutting an ice cube into an ice sphere using the shaving method.


Then he showed how he makes shaved ice by shaving ice.


Then he showed how he takes a big chunk of ice and with a knife can reduce it down to cubes. I wish I had his skillz!


Then Amanda Womack shows how she cuts ice spheres- by tapping at the outside with a knife rather than shaving.