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Little Changes in Big Canada

Some Canadian whisky news: 

Phillips Distilling Company is re-launching the brand Revel Stoke in September. The brand was originally launched in partnership with Maxim magazine in 20o0. It is a "Spiced Canadian Whisky" that is 45% alcohol. 

From the press release:

Since 80% of the rum market includes spiced rums, Phillips Distilling Company thought that the same could be applied to whiskey.  Revel Stoke is a spiced whiskey at 90 proof.  This is a higher proof than competitors Jack Daniels or Crown Royal, but is more palatable and easier to drink. 

In late August a new brand extension hits the market- Canadian Mist Black Diamond.

From this release:

Canadian Mist Black Diamond is blended at 86 proof and has a higher sherry and rye content to give it a more enhanced flavor and deliver the smooth profile for which Canadian Mist is known.

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