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The Bacardi Boat of Truth

The day after the Ministry of Rum festival, there was a rum event put on for bartenders that involved a boat ride sponsored by Bacardi followed by a debate from multiple rum producers in Oakland. I learned a couple things about Bacardi rum on the boat before things got tense:... Read more →

Ice Meets Chainsaw

Ice nerds got a real treat this Tuesday, for Andrew Bohrer from Seattle was guest bartending in San Francisco along with Amanda Womack from Cask. He brought chainsaw Thursday to the city in order to chop up giant blocks of clear ice from an industrial ice maker into big cubes... Read more →

Rum Judgement

Last week I helped judge the Ministry of Rum competition in San Francisco. We only had to judge 50 or so rums over the course of two days, so it wasn't nearly as grueling as other judging competitions, but it was still pretty interesting. Ed Hamilton, who runs Ministry of... Read more →