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San Francisco Cocktail Week September 21-27, 2010

The Children's Wine List

I was researching some cocktail bars and came across the website for Scoma's, an old San Francisco seafood restaurant near Fisherman's Wharf. Looking for the cocktail menu I found the page below (click to enlarge).


And I saw the Children's Wine List. 

"CHILDREN'S WINE LIST? THAT'S FANTASTIC!" I said to myself. (I always talk to myself in capslock.)

But it turns out that those are two different links for the children's menu and the wine list. Oh well. 

Still I love the idea of having a children's wine list (purple grape juice, white grape juice), a kids' beer list (root beer, ginger beer), or a children's cocktail menu with pictures and descriptions of non-alcoholic juice and fizzy drinks served in wacky vessels with elaborate garnishes.

It would be a bit like the Friendly's sundae menu or a tiki bar menu. Or it could even work as a modern day soda fountain. 

But for now we should start with a children's drink menu at a kid-friendly restaurant. Who's in? 


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Stark's steakhouse in santa rosa has a pretty neat non-alcoholic drink selection...we love taking our kids there


My kid's been asking for a cocktail since she was 2 -- when I make cocktails at home, I usually make one for her too (without alcohol, of course), often with a cherry and an umbrella. Her latest favorite is cucumber mint lime and seltzer water. It's like a healthy salad cocktail :)

When she was 3 years old, a waiter asked her what she'd like to drink, and she said, super loudly, I'd like a cocktail please. He giggled and brought her some juice in a little liqueur glass with a frilly lip. Big mistake. She bit into the frilled part of the glass and then stuck out her tongue with the piece of glass.

Given all that, I don't think she's going to turn into a Sally Draper.


When I was a kid the "Shirley Temple" was found on some restaurant menus. If my parents felt like a cocktail with dinner that was a good way to involve the kids -- a 'teachable moment,' as people now like to say. Mom would make them at home too. It was usually just ginger ale, maybe with a little grendadine, with a cherry or some other garnish. Sometimes they would bring the little umbrellas home from some restaurant.

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