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The New Burritt Room Menu

San Francisco bar Burritt Room's Kevin Deidrich has finally launched the summer cocktail menu now that it's almost time for San Francisco's summer. 

The menu contains all the drink recipes so I don't think I should post the whole thing here, but it looks really interesting and I'm looking forward to drinking through it. On this menu there are several drinks with cognac, several with sherry, a couple with Creme Yvette, and two(!) drinks with Galliano.

Here are some highlights:


genever;  london dry gin;  crème yvette;   maraschino; lemon; blackberry syrup; topped with rose water smoked black pepper tincture.  cocktail glass.


 bourbon;  lemon;  orange marmalade; orange bitters; topped off with white beer; small piece of lemon.  hi-ball.


bourbon; grapefruit;  ginger syrup;  galliano; ginger candy.  coupe.


mezcal;  italian vermouth; rouge; orange liqueur;  ginger beer; lemon; muddled mint, cucumber, orange slices, lemon slices; mint sprig and orange slice garnish.  collins glass


gin; manzanilla; lemon; muddled arugula and cherry tomatoes; salt and pepper; topped with balsamic vinaigrette


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Whiskey Wallbanger sounds like heaven . . . am also intrigued by the Red Rocket. Let us know how the drink through goes!


I had the Black Rose on a visit a few weeks back. It is is a splendid drink.

Nick Thomson

Wow - that Weisen Sour sounds awesome

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