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Top Misspellings on Cocktail Menus

I see certain words misspelled over and over on cocktail menus. Most of them are brand names in conflict with spellcheck. 

St. germaine germain elderflower liquor liqueur

  1.  St. Germaine
  2. Liqueur vs. Liquor
  3. Domain de Canton
  4. Absolute Vodka
  5. Hanger One Vodka
  6. Caiparinha 
  7. Lavendar 
  8. Chartreuce 

Nickt-pickers: what else am I missing? 


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Cocktail Geek

Kettle One
Nit pickers


Johnny Walker


Not putting 'The' before The Glenlivet

Gabriel Rosenkoetter

Do accent marks count? If so, there are many (eg, Vueux Carre vs Carré).

George Sinclair

Once I saw "Geraldine" syrup on a menu.

Michael J. Bacon

Apertif in lieu of aperitif--I'd bet the American pronunciation of the word caused it.


Tonny port

Cocktail Geek

Patrick Gavin Duffy's Official Mixer's Manual lists recipes for both the Sazerac and the Zazarac.

Dejan /Lounge Area

I've seen quite a few misspellings on menus here in Serbia. Ok, Serbia is not an English-speaking "part of the world", but on the other hand, many cocktail/drink names aren't in English.
The most common misspelling is "expresso" instead of "espresso".


My fav ... spelling Manhattan, Manhatten ... and in the Big Apple of all places (gave them partial credit for getting the two t's)

Steve Bohler



geneva for genever comber for combier chartruse for chartreuse

Colin Gore

What about Vueux instead of Vieux?

Colin Gore

Though more of a cheeky translation error rather than a misspelling, my favorite menu misrepresentation was in Budapest:

"Glassy Bears" to mean "Bottled Beers"

Todd Appel



Fight fight fight!

Chris Patino

I ALWAYS see Absolut spelled with an "e" on the end. I'm surprised that one didn't make your Top 10 List.

Camper English

I think if you look carefully you'll see it there as number four :)


the hole-in-the-wall chineese food place by my house has had "rusty mail" on their menu for a decade.

Stephen Beaumont

For Debbie, "geneva" is actually a British corruption that has been used for as long as the Brits have been drinking gin. I still see it around Belgium and the Netherlands, in fact.

My favourite in Canada is Bloody Ceasar, although without the drink's popularity Stateside, I'm sure it's a misspelling you see more on the food side of the menu.

By far the biggest misspelling on cocktail menus across North America, however, is anything ending in -tini. They don't seem to understand that it should be MARtini, and so you see mistakes like Chocolatini, Berrytini, Pomitini...


You spelled caipirinha wrong. I am Brazilian and I would know.


Ilegal Mezcal. There is only 1 'l' as it is a Spanish word rather than an English one. There are plenty of double up mistakes in the media as well namely when they spell it: Illegal Mescal


I found "Compari" listed as an ingredient in a Negroni at last night's dinner.


If we expand this to "cocktail and beer menus," I've seen my share of misspellings of "Guinness."

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