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Blogging from Bar Convent Berlin

bar convention berlinFor the next week I'll be in Germany working as one of the official bloggers of Bar Convent Berlin, sponsored by Mixology Magazine. (I'm a regular contributor to Mixology these days- for some reason I find it very cool to be translated into German.) Hopefully I'll also get to visit a few of the great bars in town as well. 

I'll also be speaking at this industry convention about Future Trends in the Global Bar Scene along with the wondrous Phillip Duff. (And despite what it says on the website, we will not be speaking in German.) 

Other speakers at the convention include Dale DeGroff , Charles Schumann , Angus Winchester, Tony Conigliaro, Matthew Bax, Eben Klemm, Dave Arnold, Anistatia Miller & Jared Brown, Henry Besant, and Ian Burrel. I am in very good company. 

My posts will be on the Mixology Blog, so please check in with me over there. 

Also, see the Mixology Facebook page and the Twitter account.


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Blair Frodelius


While you're over there, would you ask the folks at Mixology if they would consider putting out an English edition of their magazine?


Camper English

Blair- They might do an English language newsletter in the future- I'm sure I'll post about it when it happens.

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