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Many Mai Tais on the Menu at the reopening Trader Vic's in Emeryville

Trader Vic's in Emeryville, the large water-adjacent spot in the East Bay of San Francisco with some of the artifacts of the original Trader Vic's Oakland location, is reopening September 28th after a remodel and menu update.

Part of that update is of the drinks. A Trader Vic's representative told me that the new drinks on the menu are:

1944 Mai Tai (which is a Mai Tai from scratch)
Maui Mai Tai
Guava Mai Tai
Mango Mai Tai
The Wave (three of the flavored Mai Tais in one ride)
E’ville Awa (E’ville – Emeryville and “Awa” means “port” in Hawaiian)
Tears of the Tiki
Shanghai Lotus
Cosmo place

That's a whole lot of Mai Tais! It reminds me of a Caipirinha bar. 

The other drinks are described in the image below.

(Click to expand menu in a pop-up window.)

Trader vic emerville new lounge cocktail menu
 You can also buy the Mai Tai surfboard and glasses set for $75- including the drinks. I love bar souvenirs. 

The Wave trader vics mai tai sampler