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The Cocktail Bloggers' Convention

Come join me in Portland, Oregon October 20-24. I'm speaking at and attending Drink.Write 2010, the cocktail bloggers' convention. 

Drink write logo 2010
The convention is put on by the Cocktails and Spirits Online Writers Group, a collective of some of the top cocktail bloggers internationally. 

More information is available here, and tickets are for sale here.   

The topic I'm speaking on is this one:

Cocktail Blogging: Where do we go from here?

Explore the evolution and future of cocktail blogs with panelists who have successfully adapted their blogs and writing to leverage social media, support their own special projects, connect with new readership and maintain existing readership.

Panelists: Darcy O’Neil and Camper English

The conference is really just two days, October 21 and 22, with three sessions per day.

However, we've planned it to coincide with Portland Cocktail Week that has a range of events happening at the same time. That way you can learn by day, and find something to blog about at night. 

The end of PDX Cocktail Week is the Great American Distillers Festival, even more events celebrating small-batch distillers from around the nation. 

If you've been considering a visit to Portland to check out the fantastic local cocktail and distilling scene, you couldn't pick a better week to do it than October 20-24. I hope to see you there. 


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Ms S

Sounds really great. Please keep us posted on the Cocktail Bloggers info, we don't have anything as official as this for cocktail blogs in London.
Good luck with it all.
The Cocktail Lovers

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