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The Savory Steakhouse Cocktail Menu

Alexander's Steakhouse was born in Silicon Valley, a land where venture capitalists can buy $135 Wagyu steaks (pdf menu) on the corporate credit card. By several accounts I've heard, it's worth the money.

Last week they opened a San Francisco outpost in the former Bacar space on Brannan Street. I went in to try the cocktails.

Herbs in row of glasses_tn

The drinks here lean heavily towards savory flavors including carrot, cucumber, cilantro, thyme, rosemary, turmeric, and other fruits and herbs. I'm glad to see it- so many San Francisco bars have moved away from the "salad in a glass" model of fresh ingredient mixology into an all-stirred-spirits format once found mostly on the east coast. 

Beyond that the drinks are made with mostly familiar base spirits including Knob Creek, Hendrick's, Dewar's, and even Jack Daniel's. Lead mixologist Jessamine McLellan explained her philosophy: lure in the customers with several ingredients that they know and like, and tempt them with an odd combination or an ingredient with which they're not familiar.

Gatsby cocktail alexanders steakhouse_tn

Of course, she's coming from the Silicon Valley restaurant where people need to be tempted into trying cocktails. In San Francisco that shouldn't be a problem when customers are used to being confronted with menu items with no recognizable ingredients to the layman, such as "yamazaki 12yr, amontillado sherry, patxaran, maraschino liqueur, cacao nib tincture" (an actual drink from 15 Romolo). 

She may have an easier time selling them than expected.

My favorite drink by far was the Scarborough Faire- a gin Gimlet with parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme (get it?) muddled in and strained out. I suppose it's the next evolution of the cilantro or basil or mint gimlets of a few years ago.

Scarborough Faire_tn

I also enjoyed the Bengal Tiger with carrot and turmeric, which gave it a lovely finish.

Gengal tiger cocktail alexanders steakhouse_tn

The Flapjack is a take on a breakfast cocktail with maple syrup, orange juice, bourbon, and a warm candied bacon garnish. (I had it without the bacon.)

Flapjack Cocktail with bacon alexanders steakhouse_tn

I also enjoyed the Coffee and Cigarettes. The coffee comes from a liqueur and the cigarettes is the smoked salt and pepper rim. The combination of salt and coffee was terrific. I kind of want to salt my coffee at home now.

Coffee and cigarettes closeup_tn

And the Saturn was good too- I was surprised by how much I liked the Amaretto in the drink. (The drink is named for the rings of orange peels in the glass- clever!)

Saturn cocktail alexanders steakhouse1_tn

See the full menu and a many more pictures by clicking on the link below.


Pie Bird 14

Navan Vanilla Cognac, Doux Cidre, Spiced apricot puree, cinnamon and nutmeg sugar


Mole Negro 14

Casa Noble Anejo Tequila, spicey chocolate mole, cream, candied pumpkin seed

Mole Negro Cocktail Alexanders Steakhouse_tn

Saturn 14

Bulleit Bourbon, amaretto, Nonino Amaro, clove, orange zest

Alexanderʼs Creations:

El Camino 12

Espolon Blanco Tequila, Aperol, Pomegranate liqueur, thyme, Lemon

El Camino cocktail alexanders steakhouse_tn

Bengal Tiger 14

Charbay Blood Orange Vodka, St. Germain, fresh carrot juice, grated fresh turmeric, thai


Green Dragon 13

Square One cucumber vodka, apple liqueur, wasabi oil, black sea salt

Green dragon cocktail alexanders steakhouse2_tn

Rio 11

Leblon Cachaca, Red Jalapeno, cilantro, celery, Agave nectar, lime

Flap-Jack 12

Jack Daniels, BLiS bourbon aged maple syrup, fresh orange juice, candied bacon

Flapjack Cocktail without bacon alexanders steakhouse_tn

Blush 13

Sake, Soho Lychee Liqueur, fresh raspberries, yuzu, cava

Starving Italian 11

Luxardo Grappa, fresh strawberries, basil, golden balsamic vinegar syrup, soda water,

black pepper

Starving Italian Cocktail Alexanders Steakhouse_tn

Coffee and Cigarettes 12

Knob Creek Bourbon, cofia hazelnut, espresso liqueur, egg white, fresh black pepper

and hickory smoked salt rim

Coffee and cigarettes cocktail3_tn

Scarborough Faire 13

Hendrickʼs Gin, agave nectar, lime, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme

The Braveheart 12

Dewarʼs Scotch, honey, Solerno blood orange liqueur, grapefruit, orange bitters

Braveheart cocktail alexanders steakhouse_tn

Gatsby 14

Zaya Rum, chartreuse, ginger beer, lemongrass infused syrup


Sazerac 13

Sazerac, Peychaudʼs Bitters, sugar, absinthe rinse, lemon zest

Aviation 12

Blade Gin, Maraschino, fresh lemon, Creme Yvette violet liqueur

Absinthe 13

St. George Absinthe Verte,Table-side presentation, spoon, sugar, water

Whiskey Sour 13

High West Rendezvous Rye, lemon, sugar, egg white, claret float


Drop Dead Gorgeous 70

Hennessey Paradis Cognac, Gran Marnier 150 yr. Anniversary

Million Dollar Margarita 75

Gran Patron Platinum, Gran Marnier 100 yr. anniversary, agave nectar, lime,



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God pdf menus annoy me, especially when they are 5 and a half MegaBytes...


These drinks look interesting, but man, those prices...


Those are gorgeous.

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