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How to Get Rich Blogging About Cocktails

Next week I'm giving a talk at Drink.Write 2010, the cocktail bloggers' convention held during Portland Cocktail Week.

Cocktail Blogging: Where Do We Go From Here? 

Friday, October 22 @ 3:30pm: Explore the evolution and future of cocktail blogs with panelists who have successfully adapted their blogs and writing to leverage social media, support their own special projects, connect with new readership and maintain existing readership.

In speaking with my seminar co-leader Darcy O'Neil, it seems that we think similarly about cocktail blogging: It's not going to make us rich on its own. Advertisers want to see zillions of hits and don't seem to care about content quality. Neither of us is interested in running that kind of site. 

Money cocktail

Thus, we're beginning to think of the blog and writing on it not as an end in itself, but as a hub, or home base, for all our various outlets and projects. 

At our talk on Friday, we'll discuss ways to generate income around content including ad networks and affiliate marketing, plus other ways to expand your empire. These include self-publishing, services like guest bartending, and speaking on your area of expertise. 

I think any blogger, not just cocktail bloggers, who wants to expand their reach (financially or just influentially) will find the session useful, and it should inspire some spin-off projects that you can track back at home base- your cocktail blog.  

I hope you can join for the seminar. Tickets are available here


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I'm not sure that I'll get rich writing about my passion.
What I will say is my new life is far more exciting than the last 18 years!
So although the money isn't great, the passion for the story is!

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