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Ice: Live!

Next week during Portland Cocktail Week, I'll be speaking about my favorite thing: ice! 


Rocks Off! Ice Seminar    

Sunday, October 24 @ 1:00pm

Join some of the most creative minds in ice including Anu Apte, Evan Zimmerman and Camper English as they talk about their favorite cocktail ingredient: ice. They will discuss their innovative applications of ice including: Camper’s clear ice technique, Evan’s flavored ice, and Anu’s ice carving technique in this hour long session.

With three of us there that means I only get to talk about ice for 20 minutes! 

Luckily for you, you've probably read most of my research on making clear ice here on Alcademics already, though I'll have a few surprises I'm saving just for the session. SURPRISES.

I'm also excited to learn ice carving techniques from Anu. Soon I will master the ice ball. 

Run screaming to this website to buy your tickets!

Ice in glasss


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Blaze Hampton

Camper I would love to got to this event but work is way too busy this week. When are you going to hold these sort of events in San Francisco????

Camper English

I'd like to do more events in SF. Hopefully I'll get my act together.

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