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The New Michael Mina Restaurant Cocktail Menu

The Michael Mina restaurant called Michael Mina has recently relocated in San Francisco and will be reopening in a few days. They published their first cocktail list, which is tiny- just 5 cocktails and 3 non-alcoholic drinks. It's quite the switch from the last venue when Borys Saciuk was in charge.

None of these cocktails inspire me to crave them, but it may just be the way they're written as if to save adjectives. The Michael Mina group actually has an amazing beverage program across the restaurants, so I'm sure they're worth a try. 

thyme to change
Skky vodka, velvet falernum, honey, thyme .......... 11

beefeater gin, lillet blanc, lavendar, absinthe ........ 12

bar bancourt
barbancourt 8 yr rum, fig, lemon, balsamic ......... 12

it’s the great pumpkin, charlie brown
bulleit bourbon, canton, pumpkin, lemon ............. 12

landy cognac, blackstrap molasses, apple foam .... 10

japanese tonic
cucumber h2o, kaffir lime & meyer lemon .............. 5

teetotalar’s grog
muddled kumquat, sage honey, fever tree ginger ale 6

mango limeade
pressed mangoes, lime, seltzer ............................ 6 


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pretty spendy too for being uninspiritational on the cravings

Cocktail Crush

Not sure why they don't expand on the descriptions, but I'd be interested in trying the lavanda. I went to the Michael Mina restaurant in Vegas and had a good experience there.

Camper English

Agreed- did you go to American Fish? Amazing cocktail program.

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