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Fortune Ice: Like A Fortune Cookie But With Ice

In my latest set of fun experiments with ice, I created fortune ice.  

Second set_tn

I'd been meaning to do this for a while, but two things made it actually happen. First, I bought a Tovolo King Cube Ice Cube Tray to make 2-inch cubes. Second, I realized I could use my Label Maker for the fortunes. 

Still thirsty_tn

I was thinking that I would have to make fortunes then laminate them, but the label maker spits out labels that are plasticy on both sides. 

This is one case where I didn't want perfectly clear ice (learn how to make clear ice here) because then you could read the fortunes in the cubes before they melted. 

It turns out that the cloudiness in water does well to hide the paper in ice. 


Drink close_tn

I froze the cubes with the fortunes inside, then let them thaw out. When some of the fortune was sticking out from the cube, I could pull it from the end and they slid out: No need to wait until the whole thing melted. 

No free refills_tn

I wanted to make sure the paper didn't disintegrate in water, so I left a few fortunes in a glass of water overnight and they showed no signs of deterioration. However I should try this again with alcohol.


So, that was fun!

Possible uses for fortune ice could include: 

  • Fortunes, just like fortune cookies.
  • Giveaways/prizes. One fortune contains a coupon for a free drink, door prize, etc. 
  • Cocktail recipes for the drink that you're drinking. 
  • Advertising. "Next time make this drink with our brand of whisky!"
  • The bartender's phone number. "Call me, hot stuff."

All your ice_tn

An index of all of the ice experiments on Alcademics can be found here.


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Or small toys akin to Jesuses (Jesii) in King Cakes?


Neat proof-of-concept but I hope you get some food-safe labels if you're actually planning on serving these.


This is a super-fun idea. I may even do this for some of my own parties at home!


"Fortune Ice," seemingly I was never tickled by the messages inside. Hate this.


Did you ever check to see if the alcohol would degrade the paper or the ink? I'm thinking of doing this with my label maker.

Camper English

Nope, I guess that exercise is left to the reader ;)

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