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The New Cocktail List at Gitane in San Francisco

Under direction of Bar Manager Alex Smith (Smuggler's Cove, Thirsty Bear, etc.), nearly all the cocktails at Gitane are changing over this month. Don't go rushing into the bar expecting to try them all tonight though: Smith says they're rolling them out five a week so that the menu will look like the below by the end of November.

Gitane is a gypsy-themed restaurant with a tiny, gorgeous bar that specializes in sherry and sherry cocktails.  I'm looking forward to drinking my way through the menu in a couple of weeks.  

List of New Cocktails - Gitane - Fall 2010


La Convivencia :: bourbon, east india sherry, sweet vermouth, nocino, chorizo bitters, orange zest

Martyr of Córdoba :: white rye, dry sack, dimmi, sweet vermouth, apricot, absinthe, peychaud’s, flamed lemon zest

Romancero Gitano :: brandy, oloroso sherry, punt e mes, persimmon-piquillo shrub, lemon, egg white, hibiscus tincture

Autumn Flip :: apple brandy, bitter cinnamon cordial, salted maple syrup, whole egg, nutmeg

Ganamos :: bourbon, bonal aperitif, canton, angostura, orange bitters, orange zest

Vasco da Gama :: vanilla-white pepper-infused gin, port, cherry heering, lime, honey, egg white, cinnamon

Los Muertos :: blanco tequila, sweet vermouth, grapefruit marmalade, lime, grapefruit zest

Flor Delice :: reposado tequila, manzanilla sherry, st. germain, maraschino, orange bitters, cherry


Cala Carbón :: aged rum, bourbon, maraschino, mermelada gitana, lemon, angsotura, peychaud’s, mint sprig

El Médano :: blanco tequila, mezcal, anise, mermelada gitana, lime, peychaud’s, angostura, mint sprig

Media Luna :: gin, pisco, ginger, mermelada gitana, lemon, angostura, peychaud’s, mint sprig

Legacy of Ziryab :: gin, quince-paprika marmalade, lemon, apple sidra, campari, angostura, a flower

Cóctel Ibérico :: dos maderas rum, amantillado sherry, fair cafe, licor 43, ramazzotti amaro, chocolate mole bitters, flamed orange zest


Knickerbocker a la Gitane :: cruzan single barrel rum, orange curacao, hibiscus nectar, lemon, rainwater madeira, orange slice

Boulevardier :: bourbon, sweet vermouth, campari, cherry

Hanky Panky :: gin, sweet vermouth, fernet branca, orange zest

Vodka Old Fashioned :: vodka, sugar, angostura, orange zest


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Do you know the recipe of classic La Gitane?

Camper English

I'm not familiar with that drink offhand, sorry.

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