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Cocktail Menu: Nightjar in London

Cocktail Menu: Red Medicine in Los Angeles

Red Medicine is a new restaurant/lounge in Beverly Hills run by some Michael Mina alums, including group beverage director Noah Ellis. 

When I look at this menu, all I can see is "Chili-Anise Shrub" and "Chinchon Anis." Sound delicious. 

Here is the drink menu, pasted from their website. 

#11 Pimm’s No. 1, Apricot “Brandy”, Lemon,Egg White, Purple Basil, Splash of Soda
Shaken well and served in a fizz glass without ice

#18 Krome Vodka, Chili-Anise Shrub, Lime,Grapefruit, Peychaud’s Bitters, Thai Basil,Ginger Beer
Shaken and rolled into a tall glass
Inspired by Scott Beattie’s ‘Irian Jaya’

#22 Red Wine, Sparkling Lemonade
Served tall, over ice

#24 Clear Creek Apple 2yr, Beefeater, Grenadine,Lime, Splash of Soda
Served up, with a lime wedge
The Star Daisy, as originally taught to me by Marcovaldo Dionysos

#25 Plymouth, Combier, Campari, Calamansi
Served up
Our spin on the ‘Jasmine’, in the early throes of citrus season

#26 Weber Haus, Violette, Lime, Pineapple,Palm Sugar, Peychaud’s Bitters
Shaken and rolled into a tall glass

#28 Plymouth, Yuzu, Honey, Chinchon Anis, Tonic
Shaken and served long

#29 Gosling’s, Housemade Ginger Beer, Lime
Served long, over crushed ice, with a lime peel
‘Dark and Stormy’ – what better drink for the weather?


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