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Tequila Distillery Visit: Jose Cuervo

Sherry Bodega Visit: Bodegas Grupo Estevez

In September 2010 I visited several sherry bodegas. Here are pictures and a few notes from Bodegas Grupo Estevez. 

Bodegas grupo estevez 14_tn
(Sherry sleeping peacefully in the bodega.) 

Bodegas grupo estevez lola flores_tn
(One of the warehouses is named for flamenco dancer Lola Flores.)

Bodegas grupo estevez horse 3_tn
(Horse stables and ring behind the bodegas. Jerez is home to flamenco, dancing horses, and sherry.)

Bodegas grupo estevez 3_tn
(The interior is a fancy place with fine art and marble statues.)


  • Tio Mateo, Agostino, Tesoro, La Gita are some of their brands
  • They used to have several bodegas, centralized them all to the one we visited 20 years ago
  • One bodega named after flamenco dancer Lola Flores 
  • La Gita manzanilla from Sanlucar is the only manzanilla that has a production date on the bottle- should help us Americans know when its too old to buy
  • Inocente Fino is fermented in the barrel not in stainless tanks. 


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paul ciriero

busco por internet la escultura de lola flores que hay en bronce en al bodega de lola tio mateo y ponen la de carton, cuando la que interesa es la otra y de paso me podían decir el nombre del autor. gracias

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