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Tequila Distillery Visit: Cazadores and Corzo

In November I visited seven tequila distilleries in Mexico. Here are some pictures and notes from my visit to the Cazadores and Corzo distillery in the town of Arandas.

Autoclaves tequila cazadores_tn
(Autoclaves cook agave much faster than traditional brick/clay ovens.)

Tequila pipes tequila cazadores_tn
(It's a huge operation here. The liquids travel in pipes through a tunnel beneath a road separating parts of the distillery.)

Stainless steel stills tequila cazadores (2)_tn
(Stainless steel stills.)

  • In 1922 the recipe for Cazadores reposado was created
  • They process 200 tons of agave per day in the distillery
  • The autoclaves cook agave for 10 hours at 120 Celsius. Soon they're reducing the cooking time to 8 hours. 
  • After shredding the agave (after cooking it in autoclaves), they put it in a diffuser; a relatively recent technology that gets the last bits of the sugar out of the agave
  • They allow the agave to ferment for about 4 days. The tequila undergoes an alcoholic then a malolactic fermentation
  • The first distillation takes about 10 hours, the second takes about 24 hours
  • The stills are stainless steel
  • They do have a column still that they use "when demand is high"
  • Corzo starts from Cazadores reposado. It is then redistilled and re-aged.
  • They aged in new white American oak, with some French oak for Corzo

Dancers tequila cazadores10_tn
(After the tour, dinner and a dance show in the distillery.)