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Tequila Distillery Visit: Sauza

In November I visited seven tequila distilleries in Mexico. Here are some pictures and notes from my visit to the Sauza distillery in the town of Tequila.

Tequila sauza agave nursery2_tn
(First we visited the agave nursery. Sauza is unique in that they propagate their agave not by using baby plants but by... fancier scientific means.)

Sprouted agave tequila sauza agave nursery_tn
(This is what an agave looks like if allowed to propagate.)

Sprouted agave tequila sauza agave nursery2_tn
(You can see close-up that instead of producing seeds, the mother plant produces little baby plants.)

Talk about sprouting sprouted agave tequila sauza agave nursery2_tn
(We had a lecture about plant propagation.)

Cooked juice tequila sauza distillery_tn
(I just like this picture from the distillery.)

Diffuser tequila sauza distillery_tn
(This is the diffuser. Super clean at Sauza.)

  • The blue color of agave comes from a wax on the plant. This wax covers the pores of the plant to protect it from drying out in the dry season.
  • Unlike most tequila distilleries, at Sauza they shred agave and use the diffuser before they cook the agave juice in autoclaves.
  • Then they only cook the juice for 3-4 hours.
  • They ferment in covered fermentation tanks
  • The first distillation is in a column still, second in a stainless steel pot still
  • The Tres Generaciones line has a third distillation in a copper pot still



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that's pretty cool to see a fully grown agave plant. I never would have guessed it changed that much.


The stalk (if allowed to grow) will host pods of seeds. If planted, the seeds will grow. I know because I tried it this past summer. The mother plants do produce sprouts of "baby plants" (down around the base of the mother plant). These sprouts are removed and replanted to reflenish the agave that has been harvested. Thanks for the pictures and information!

Irish Whiskey

Very interesting. I'm not a fan of tequila myself but love learning about different alcohols and how they are produced. The pics you took are fantastic. Would love to visit Mexico some day and will be sure to take a tour myself if I do.

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