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Choosing Seminars for the Manhattan Cocktail Classic

For the second year of the Manhattan Cocktail Classic, they are having people vote on which seminars they'd like to see.

I hope the ones I've proposed are of interest, as I'd like to come to New York this May. To vote, simply go to this page and select a minimum of 5 and not more than 30 seminars you're interested in. You get one vote per email and you must do so before February 16th.

(Shortcut: Search for "Camper" and click those three first.)

My proposed talk topics are below:

23. Tequila is the New Vodka, Tequila is the New Scotch
with Camper English

Tequila is one of the fastest-growing spirit categories in America, with a slew of new brands hitting store shelves each month. But is the tequila becoming the new vodka: over-saturated with expensive designer bottles, celebrity sponsorships and flavorless imitation brands that are all made at the same few distilleries? Or is the 100-percent agave category more like scotch whisky, showcasing innovation in ingredient sourcing and processing, barrel finishing and distillation technology while working within the rigid framework of government regulations? Join this lively debate moderated by journalist Camper English in which we discuss the rapidly-changing tequila category and all the hope and hype that comes with growth.

24. The Reluctant Blogger: Using Social Media for People Who'd Rather Not
with Camper English

This session will focus on the fastest and easiest tools and formats of blogging and other social media for people who are technically challenged or reluctantly dipping their toes into the new century: writers who want to promote their work, brands and brand ambassadors who want to share news (and not rely on expensive designers to make small site changes), PR agencies who want to share their clients' placements, bartenders who want to promote themselves, and bars who want to keep their calendars current and customers updated. In this fast-moving era, everyone should have a website and no website should be static.

In this fast-paced session, blogger/journalist Camper English will review the top blog hosts and platforms (WordPress, TypePad, SquareSpace, Tumblr, etc. and whether or not to just use Facebook for everything) to compare set-up and ease-of-use, describe effective strategies for getting content online quickly, and choosing the right platform for different content: links, scans/photos, videos, events, and text. Then we'll look at the best tools for other social media (FourSquare, Ping, TweetDeck, etc.) the best practices for using Facebook, Twitter and your blog to avoid excessive cross-posting, and discuss how to use social media with only your cell phone on the subway. Participants should leave with a clear plan of action based on their individual content needs, budgets, and goals.

25. Terroir in Spirits
with Camper English

Terroir, a.k.a. "sense of place", is a term for how the the soil, geography and climate of a particular place contribute unique qualities to the crops grown on/in it. In wine this concept is well understood. In spirits, though much more processing is done to the raw ingredients, terroir can sometimes show through to the final product. In this seminar we'll discuss terroir in spirits generally and look deeper specifically at tequila, cognac/armagnac, French and Brazilian rums, and scotch whisky with experts in each on the panel. Attendees will learn about (and taste) terroir in spirits to come away with an understanding of the concept generally and qualities of terroir specific to different spirit categories.


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Whistling Andy

What seminar's are you at at the MCC? We're interested in what you have to say!!

Camper English

Hi- While two of my proposed seminar topics were accepted, the sponsorship didn't work out so I'm not attending the MCC this year. Alas. Thanks for your interest though.

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