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Cocktail Menu: Winter Drinks at the Walnut Creek Yacht Club in Walnut Creek, California

Cocktail Menu: Anvil in Houston's Winter Drinks

Here is the new cocktail menu from Anvil in Houston. I am craving that Butternut Squash Flip.

Seasonal Flavors
From dates and butternut squash to grapefruit, the menu sparkles with the rich flavors of the winter season.

•Drooling Date – A simply delicious, just ever-so- sweet blend of Aquavit, date molasses, Orgeat and
orange bitters that sips much too easily.

•Butternut Squash Flip – Served in a champagne flute, this beer-based cocktail of butternut squash-infused rum, Heferweizen, whole egg and oats is light and luscious.

•General Sherman - Named for the giant Sequoias that grace our west coast, this blend of hazelnut-infused
bourbon, Stone Pine liqueur, honey and butter is one hot toddy that’s not to be missed on a cold winter

Amari, Bonal and Other Bitter Delights
A love of Amari, Bonal and other flavors that pucker the palate runs deep at Anvil, and the bartenders’ ongoing
explorations continue to produce sophisticated and tasty results.

•The Diplomat – A bold blend of gin and Bonal Quina rounded out with just a soupçon of orange and
cherry flavors makes for an upscale take on a gin martini.

•Witchy Woman – This pretty pink cocktail belies the bitter bite of a mix of Campari, white rum, citrus,
Orgeat and aromatic bitters.

•Black Betty – Fenugreek-infused rye, Bonal, Italian bitter, and Xocolati mole bitters come together for a
sophisticated drink for the initiated.

•Monk’s Revenge – Herby, medicinal Benedictine is smoothed out with a hit of rye and is given a final
boozy jolt with some hints of Fernet and Campari.

“Oh So Anvil”
The guys doing what they do best – mixing, experimenting, creating.

•Seoul Train – A global exploration of Nordic, Korean & French flavors that somehow converge into
a subtly spicy and delightful drink that defies explanation. This eclectic mix of Aquavit, house made Sujeonggwa liqueur, Dubonnet Rouge, orange bitters and sour tincture comes from Chris Frankel, aka the “mad scientist” of Anvil.

•Maharaja Buck – Inspired by the flavors of India, a cardamom-infused gin and house tamarind jam is
shaken with lime, turmeric and Anvil’s ginger beer for a subtle, rich blend of flavors.

•Pliny’s Tonic - Gin, lime, mint, and habanero tincture, this Anvil cult classic proves that sometimes less
really is more.

•The Secret of Monkey Island – This cocktail was so popular on a recent “Tiki Tuesday” that it had to go on the menu. With two kinds of rum, Cointreau, orange, honey, Orgeat and clove, it’s also a boozy ode to both the Tiki and Anvil traditions.