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Cocktail Menu: Haddingtons in Austin, Texas

The just-opened restaurant Haddingtons in Austin, Texas has a cocktail menu that makes me thirsty. The drinks are by head bartender Bill Norris, formerly of Fino. 

-house cocktails-

The Waldorf #2: straight apple brandy, nocino, celery bitters, stirred, over ice $11

Dover to Calais*: navy strength rum, green chartreuse, orgeat, lime, peychaud’s bitters, up and frothy $11

Fox Room Swizzle: vodka, falernum, lime, mole bitters, jägermeister, icy cold, crushed ice $10

Apple Orchard: bourbon, orgeat, apple shrub, peychaud’s bitters stirred, up. $10

Duck Fat Sazerac: duck fat infused rye, peychaud’s bitters, absinthe rinse, served cold and neat. $9

Smoking Jacket: anejo rum, porter, amaretto, scotch, whole egg and nutmeg. shaken and up $10*

Conundrum: blue corn whisky, sloe gin, fernet branca $12

Olorosso & Apple: olorosso sherry, apple shrub, orange bitters, stirred, over ice $10

Haddingtons’ Word: single malt whisky, maraschino, strega, lemon, shaken and up $15


Gin and Haddington’s Tonic: the classic pre-dinner highball, done with our homemade tonic $9

Moscow Mule: the drink that made vodka famous, with homemade ginger beer, lime $9

Japanese Cocktail: cognac, orgeat, aromatic bitters $10

Blood & Sand: scotch, cherry heering, sweet vermouth, orange $10

Stinger: cognac and crème de menthe over crushed ice. be careful with this one. $11

Aviation: gin, maraschino, lemon, crème de violet $10