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Cocktail Menu: Winter Drinks at Cana in Los Angeles

The new winter menu at Cana Rum Bar in LA looks amazing. One of everything!


Royal Oil |12

Without naming names, we’ve devised a new cocktail to replace a very old one
that’s recently found favor with Polynesiacs and cocktail nerds enthusiasts. The
result isn’t just tasty, it’s difficult to say after you’ve had a few of them.
St. James Royal Ambre, Black Strap, lime, falernum

Misti Dawn Swizzle |12

Keeping with naming gin swizzles after actresses, Mr. Goodyear was conscripted
to provide you a cocktail that “tastes like it’s been places.” With ingredients
from Africa to Austria this is one well-traveled inebriant.
Roiboos-infused Plymouth Gin, passionfruit, lime, Zirbenz,
Angostura & ‘Elemakule bitters

Camelot |12

The Kennedys were synonymous with good taste. So was the JKO.
Here is the JKO in fashionably wintry attire.
Añejo rum, Amaro Montenegro, lime, poached pear, & white pepper

Texas Early |12

Named for a species of blackberry, not the tiny Texan town (pop. 2558), this
swizzle takes the southern spice of rye and tells it to act like a beach bum.
Kind of like Kenny Chesney, but enjoyable for extended periods of time.

Old Overholt, Don’s Mix, blackberries, lemon


Palmetto |12

In honor of our Rum Society’s fearless leader, Mr. Matt “Rumdood” Robold, we
offer our favorite variant of this classic as it appears in the Savoy Cocktail Book.
El Dorado 12 yr Demerara & Carpano Antica Vermouth, orange bitters

Twist on a Twist |12

Like a red button you just can’t resist pushing, Allan had to have his own Last
Word variation. Chartreuse is exchanged for Amaro, maraschino for darker
cherry liqueur, and gin for Smith & Cross. A dash of bitters blesses this beast.
Overproof Rum, Amaro Cio Ciaro, Sangue Morlacco, lime, Angostura

Crimean Collins |12

Originally made by Jerry Thomas himself to serve over thirty whilst toasting an
Italian war hero, this adaptation was worth the arithmetic it took to scale it down.
Cognac, two kinds of Jamaican rum, lemon, orgeat, champagne

The Good Word |12

By way of good fortune and bad decisions we sometimes find ourselves with
more than we bargained for. When that happens, just say something nice.
Reposado Mezcal, Yellow Chartreuse, maraschino, lime


Putnam’s Point |12

The world looks different from great heights. It also looks different when you’ve
enjoyed a few of Rhachel’s drinks. Skip the climbing and go straight to the top.
Rye, Dos Maderas, Amaro Lucano, ginger, lemon, J.T. recipe bitters

Red Eye to Rio |12

Take a Trader Vic classic like the Night Flight. Trade rums, and add the evilest
thing from Klagenfurt, Austria since Pungent Stench: Stroh. It’s one hundred
and sixty proof. Prepare for take off.
Cachaça, lime, maple syrup, a lil’ bit of the aforementioned evil rum

The London Cut |12

The first time we adulterated the Gordon’s Cup all were happy with the results.
But like a Japanese carmaker, we’re relentlessly pursuing unattainable things.

Anaheim and Serrano pepper-infused Bols Genever and El Dorado rum,
cucumber, lime, smoked salt ‘n’ pepper

Deer Hunter|12

Our friends at The Tar Pit recently found themselves with more Serrano-infused
heering than they knew what to do with. Allan suggested it play russian roulette
with tequila and rye. The resulting cocktail was so good he stole the heering.
Añejo tequila, Old Overholt, Mr. Winters’ Heering


When you just can’t let go of a drink, neither can we.

Mai Tai |13

The Elvis of tropicalia knows just one thing: It’s the king, and it’ll never die.
Neisson Eleve Sous Bois, Appleton 12, lime, orgeat, and curaçao

Rum & Coconut Water |14

Available in tropical paradises like Tobago, New York City, and now L.A.
Cruzan Black Strap rum served in a freshly cut young Thai coconut

Nilsson Sling |12

Recently fortified with vintage rum for the winter.
Plantation 1999 Bajan Rum, Dolin Blanc, Benedictine, citrus,
strawberry, Mexican Coke

Natural Daiquiri |12

Now and forever, nature’s perfect alcohol delivery system.
Don Q Cristal, lime, just enough raw sugar


HERE we’ve taken some of our house favorites and given them the “more is
more” treatment. Each punch is lovingly prepared just like any one of our
cocktails… Except the preparation involves large measuring cups and small
power tools.

The Woodmoor

As Victorian as sexual repression and Charles Dickens using clerical names as
Code for his favored tipples, Katie’s very classically styled punch celebrates the
timeless pursuit of questionable behavior in the company of undeniably good spirits.

Zaya, ruby port, chamomile-infused Batavia Arrak, lime, turbinado sugar

Captain Rio

Rhachel came up with this terrifically complex and quaffable bowl of joy in honor of its
namesake, a bundle of joy lucky enough to already have a drink named after him.

Cucumber-infused Plymouth Gin, fresh citrus, orchard pear, and amaretto

Blue-Foot Mambo

Remember those family functions when half the liquor cabinet went into a bowl topped
up with some mixture of soda and Riunite? This isn’t one of them. But it is a calculated
effort to get you to do a dance known only by sailors, fools, & Kurt Vonnegut.

Trinidad 2000, lime, kiwi, pineapple, Champagne, Boylan’s lemon soda

Fog-Killer Punch

If a Fog Cutter and a Painkiller were in a horrible bus accident and their survival meant
that they had to be sewn together and cauterized with a liberal dose of bitters… They’d
make an awesome punch. Not to dilute its power, this one’s large-format only.

Overproof Spiced Rum, Plymouth Gin, St. Vivant Armagnac, plenty of
Angostura bitters, pineapple, citrus, house-made coconut cream, orgeat


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Matt R.

I'm on another menu!


Big Z

notice the lack of lemon hart 151 on the ingredients list. looks like they ran out of their (previously quite substantial) stash


The new drinks at Caña look as good as they sound, and taste as good as they look!

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