Cocktail Menu: Anvil in Houston's Winter Drinks
Winners of the 42Below San Francisco Cocktail World Cup

Cocktail Menu: Winter Drinks at the Walnut Creek Yacht Club in Walnut Creek, California

Wcyclogo The Walnut Creek Yacht Club is not actually a yacht club nor is it anywhere near water, but you can still get your whistle wet there from the new drinks by Jay Crabb. Check Jay's website for some of these drink recipes.



Cranberry-Ginger Smash
Fresh cranberries and ginger, Meyer lemon juice, Berentzen German apple liqueur, Bombay gin

Commodore's Hot Toddy
Daron Calvados, Crusoe organic spiced rum, Drambuie, honey syrup, Meyer lemon juice, orange zest, boiling hot water.  Served in an over-sized snifter with crushed pink peppercorn, orange zest, and organic sugar on the rim

Aperol, rhubarb bitters, house-made Antilles syrup, fresh blood orange and Meyer lemon juices, Wodka Polish vodka, Prosecco


Rum, Rhum, Pisco and Cachaca 

Inca Cloud
Encanto Pisco, Rothman & Winter apricot liqueur, fresh lime juice, muddled pineapple, egg white, grapefruit bitters 

Batiste rhum blanc, serrano chile pepper, cilantro, pomegranate and lime juices.  *Also goes great with tequila instead of rum.  Try it with Milagro Reposado tequila.

WCYC's 1944 Mai Tai
Appleton V/X and Crusoe organic spiced rums, orgeat, orange curacao, fresh lime juice, Coruba dark rum float

Brazilian Trader
Leblon Cachaca, house-made hibiscus syrup, fresh blood orange and lime juices, Tiki bitters, and A.J. Stephen's ginger beer


La Louisianne
Redemption Rye whiskey, Benedictine, Carpano Antica Formula vermouth. La Fee Absinthe, Peychaud bitters; served with a flamed orange peel and house-made brandied cherries

French 75
Hayman's Old Tom Gin, fresh lemon juice, sugar, chilled Champagne 


The Green Whisper
Muddled cucumber, house-made green peppercorn syrup, fresh lime juice, La Fee Absinthe, Cap Rock organic gin; served with a crushed gray sea salt/green peppercorn rim 

Bombay gin, house-made ginger syrup, fresh mint, fresh lime juice

Latin Eyes
House-made chili-citrus syrup, Agavales tequila blanco, fresh lime juice, picasitos on the rim  

Ciello Rosso
Campari, citrus vodka, ruby red grapefruit juice, fresh lemon, fresh basil leaves


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Al Kee

Spiced rum in the 1944 Mai Tai?

Camper English

Yeah I don't suppose Captain Morgan was in Trader Vic's original. I don't know if I've ever seen spiced rum used in a Mai Tai, actually. If it was used in small quantity it could be a nice way to tie together the orange and orgeat with the rum.

Jay Crabb

Hi Al. Thanks for responding. Spiced rum in the 1944 Mai Tai: I see where you're coming from. That's why we were sure to call it the WCYC 1944 Mai Tai and not the "original" or "Trader Vic" 1944 mai tai.

Why 1944? Well, like the multitude of bars and restaurants that have added a "1944" Mai Tai to their cocktail menus, we did so to differentiate it from the hot messes that several bars had come to pass off as a Mai Tai; drinks that were nothing more then a blend of fruit juices, sweet and sour mix, and rums. Certainly not a Mai Tai.

Many bars have started to pay tribute to Trader Vic and his original recipe by replicating--to the best of their ability and by using the best ingredients possible--the original recipe. We use fresh lime juice, Appleton V/X rum, a great curacao, house-made orgeat, and yes, in a very small amount, a quality spiced rum. The Crusoe organic spiced rum we use in small amounts plays quite well with the other ingredients and adds another wonderful dimension to the completed cocktail. Is it the "original" 1944 Mai Tai? No. But is any "1944" Mai Tai out there the original?

The rums used in that original cocktail are no longer available, so every 1944 Mai Tai currently being produced in quality bars around the globe are versions and interpretations of the original. We use the same proportions of rum, orgeat, fresh lime, and curacao that were used in the original. The total amount of rum we use is primarily Appleton V/X, with just enough Crusoe worked in to add another layer of flavor (an added layer that actually works quite well) into the mix. As far as spiced rums go, Crusoe organic is a quality spiced rum that works wonderfully in our interpretation of the drink.



I just got some organic pink peppercorns from Sustainable Sourcing so I'll have to try out that Hot Toddy recipe! YUM!

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