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Tequila Distillery Visit: Patron

In November I visited seven tequila distilleries in Mexico. Here are some pictures and notes from my visit to the Patron distillery in the town of Atotonilco.

Patron tequila distillery_tn(The distillery is on a huge plot of land. It's a huge distillery. This is the front gate.)

Hacienda patron tequila distillery2_tn
(This is the hacienda, which is the center of the distillery. Nice place.)

Roller mill patron tequila distillery_tn
(This is agave going in to the rollermill. Patron is 50% rollermill agave and 50% tahona agave.)

Tahona agave wooden fermentionation tanks patron tequila distillery_tn
(Fermenting tahona agave. Tahona agave ferments and is distilled with the fibers.)

Composting machines patron tequila distillery_tn
(Outside the distillery they prepare the spent agave to be fertilizer.)

Aging casks patron tequila distillery_tn
(They use a mix of barrels for Patron.)

  • The distillery is actually 12 distilleries operating independently. 
  • Most of the agave comes from the highlands
  • They recycle the first agave juice out of the ovens, don't use it for fermentation
  • Ferment in pine wood, not stainless
  • Have unusual stills designed by master distiller
  • Tahona agave takes 2 hours to crush
  • Patron silver is 75% of sales, reposado accounts for 10 percent and anejo accounts for 15


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Pine barrels? Is that common for tequila, or is that unusual? (I'm more of a whisky dork than tequila, so I've never heard of pine barrels being used before.)

Camper English

It's the fermentation tank, not the againg barrels. So whatever kind of pine it is, it's very neutral.

Camper English

p.s. I think most wooden fermenters are made from very tall Washington State trees, I want to say spruce but I could be wrong.


OH, that makes way more sense. Thanks.


And that's what you said in your post... back to 5th grade reading comprehension for me...


Patron Tequila sales supports solutions for community homeless:
Outreach for homeless city campers, a non-profit Hospitality Industry sponsored program. It's director is on loans from Brown Jug; Anchorage CHARR performs the scheduling and accounting for ARBRA. A community minded private sector program since 2000 for a cleaner, greener safe & secure city; With compassion for those that have no other shelter then camping in the woods. Thanking you for your support!
"The perfect way to enjoy PatrĂ³n is responsibly."


So you are saying Patron has it's own distillery??

Camper English

Yes, that is what the post is about.



Does Hacienda Patron offer tours to the public? Or were you only able to tour as a journalist?

If public, can you post information on where to go? I am traveling in Jalisco and would like to tour if possible.


Camper English

Hi - It is not open to the public. As far as I know, no distilleries in the Highlands are open to the public. Everything that is is near Tequila town.



is it possible to reach out to someone at this distillery?
Or set up a tour?

Camper English

The distillery is not open to the public, at least not for now.

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