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Mixology cover blood and sand I try to link to all my writing available online, but you really only see two-thirds or so of it. And even if you could see it all, most of us couldn't read it because it's in German.

I am a regular contributor to Mixology magazine, based in Berlin, and for this magazine I write these insanely long stories usually about a single cocktail.

I've written 2000 words about eggnog, 2500 on the Blood and Sand, and 4000 words on the Mai Tai.

All of it gets translated into German so when I see the print version I can't read it but I like to look at the pictures. 

One picture that I particularly enjoyed seeing was this cover illustration for my eggnog story.


Mixology Mag Cover Eggnog

I don't know if I've ever had the cover image before, so that's pretty awesome. (Update: Realized I've had it twice before- sweet!)

I shall now use this ego boost to get me through my next story, which is 2500 words on the Caipirinha, due tomorrow.



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But some of us do read German. Could you start to link to these articles?

Camper English

I would, but they're not online as far as I know.




the 2500 words on Caipirinha , is it going to be in german as well ? Looking forward to read it .


Camper English

Yep, will be in German in the next issue. It was an interesting (to me, anyway) study of the caipirinha in Germany and surrounding countries versus what's happening in the the US and the rest of the world.


I don't suppose we could see the english-language versions? I'd love to read them...

Camper English

Not now at least. I'm not sure what I might do with them in the future or what's appropriate as Mixology paid for the work. I'll figure it out later I guess.


Still, that is a great picture. Describes eggnog perfectly...

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