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Cocktail Menu: Taste by Niche in St. Louis

Ted Kilgore of Taste by Niche in St. Louis sent me the latest cocktail menu to match with the expanded bar/restaurant.

He's doing barrel-aged cocktails, then making new cocktails with barrel-aged cocktails (and Old Pal with an aged Negroni). Plus: big ice, homemade vermouth, and a bartender-designed bar.

I like the look of this menu and the little symbols for the drinks- shaken, stirred, or swizzled. Shakenstirredswizzled

I want to drink the El Maestro, Scandanavian Sun, Philabuster, and well, a lot of them.



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The Riverfront Times announced the official opening as February 28. However, my friends and I went yesterday, but they weren't open. I called today, and the answering machine says they're closed and to check their Facebook page. I looked for their Facebook page, but I could only find the "Taste by Niche" page, which doesn't have any updates. The Riverfront Times hasn't published anything about a change in the official opening date, and the "Taste by Niche" website has not been updated. Do you know what's going on?

Ted Kilgore

Taste will open very soon. We are waiting on paperwork. The Facebook page is now Taste Bar. Thanks for all of your support. Rest assured no one wants to open more than us.

Evan Martin

Menu looks great Ted!

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