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Cocktail Snobs

Cocktailsnob In the March issue of 7x7 Magazine, I have a story about Cocktail Snobs.

Now that customers know so much more about cocktails some us are becoming fussy about them, never ordering from the menu but insisting on on-the-spot creations,  trying to stump or school the bartender with obscure drink requests, and trainspotting mixology by parking in front of the bartender's station and asking questions about every drink being made. 

Note: I've been guilty of all these offenses at one time or another.

Kindly read the story first, but one aspect I didn't get room to touch on much was that snobs in bars are hardly a new thing; cocktail snobs are just a new species thereof. There are still and will always be people who get angry that a bar doesn't carry what they percieve to be the best brand of vodka/tequila, snap their fingers at the bartender and treat them like servants, and exhibit other forms of bad behavior.

At least, I hope, the new breed of snobs are cocktail snobs because they care about good cocktails.



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I feel that first paragraph may have hit a little too close to home for me. I'm a bad, bad customer.

Camper English

The bartenders I spoke with said they didn't mind micro-managed orders because that way they are giving the customer what they want.

It's more the ones who think they know what they want, order it, and then complain that it wasn't what they wanted.

I have to agree with the bartenders that say that the micro-managed orders aren't that bad. If I know up front, I can make the drink just right (just don't micromanage as I'm handing you the drink).

BUT, you can't micromanage in the middle of the rush while I've got 7 tickets, 4 sets of tins and 2 mixing glasses in front of me.

I don't think that, as a patron, I was ever too terrible. I will confess to once ordering a Ramos Gin Fizz at the wrong time early in my cocktailing days. Ah, the follow of youth. Kharma got me the other night though when 3 people ordered pisco sours in the middle of the dinner rush.

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